Return & Refund Policy


Change any item from your recent order within 30 days following delivery. For a smooth exchange experience, please contact our customer support at support@vertuliving.comwhere we will assist with the exchange and inform you about any potential shipping charges.


Understanding Our Exchange Policy :

  1. 30-Day Window: You have a 30-day window from the day of delivery to exchange any product from your order. This gives you ample time to assess the product, ensure it fits your space and needs, and, if not, reach out to us for an exchange.
  2. Contact Point: Should you wish to initiate an exchange, our customer service team is readily available. Reach out to us at . Our team is trained to assist you most efficiently and be friendly.
  3. Shipping Fees: Potential shipping fees will come up when discussing your exchange. Some fees might apply depending on the reason for the exchange and your location. Rest assured, our team will clarify any costs associated upfront.
  4. The Importance of Original Packaging: All exchanged products should be returned in their original Vertu Living packaging. This packaging protects the product and ensures it reaches us in perfect condition. However, if you've discarded or damaged the packaging, there is a repackaging fee of $50 per item. This fee covers the cost of ensuring the product is repackaged to our standards for resale.
  5. Product Variations: Given that our items are handmade and there's a seasonality in materials, slight differences in size and color might occur. We see this as a mark of genuine craftsmanship. However, if it bothers you, we're here to help.
  6. Information Required for Exchange: We will need some specifics from you. Kindly provide photographs of the product, its SKU (a unique identifier for every product), and the shipping labels. These details help us trace your order and streamline the exchange process.
  7. Scheduling a Pickup and Delivery: Exchanges are not just about sending back a product; it's also about receiving the new one. Our dedicated team will coordinate with you to schedule a mutually convenient time for both the pickup of your old item and the delivery of the new one. We understand your time is precious and aim to minimize inconvenience.
  8. Price Differences: Financial adjustments will be made based on the cost of the exchanged item. If the new item you've chosen is cheaper than the original, you'll receive a refund for the difference. Conversely, if the new item is pricier, we'll inform you of the extra charges, and once confirmed, you'll be billed for the additional amount.


At Vertu Living, customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal, it’s our promise. We recognize that not every purchase will be perfect, which is why we’ve established a 30-day return policy for your peace of mind. Feel assured in your shopping journey with us, as this guide details our transparent and easy-to-understand return policy.

      1. Return Period: The 30-Day Window
        From the day you receive your item, you have precisely 30 days to decide if it meets your expectations. This period has been carefully chosen to provide customers ample time to assess their purchase, allowing you to ensure the product fits seamlessly into your life.
      2. Conditions for Returns
        • Original Condition & Packaging: The heart of our return policy is to guarantee that the products returned are fit for resale. Hence, items must be returned in the same condition you received them. This includes no signs of wear or damage.
        • Discounts & Exceptions: Our 30-day return policy applies strictly to full-priced items. If you've purchased an item with a coupon or at a discounted rate, it is ineligible for return under this policy. Checking if discounts were applied to your purchase before considering a return is imperative
      3. Financial Considerations: Potential Costs Involved
        • Return Cost: We calculate the cost of returning an item based on the distance between your location and our warehouse. This model ensures fairness, where customers closer to our facilities are not unduly burdened with high return costs and vice versa.
        • Restocking Fees: Occasionally, there may be a restocking fee. Restocking fees are meant to cover the costs of processing returned items, ensuring they're prepared for resale.
        • Repackaging Fee: The importance of the original packaging cannot be overstated. Not only does it protect the item during transit, but it also ensures the next customer receives it in mint condition. A $50 repackaging fee per item will apply if the original packaging isn't provided.
      4. Seeking Refunds and Cancellations
        Refunds or cancellations are permitted only post-delivery. We've adopted this policy to prevent potential misuse and to provide a uniform process for all our customers. After receiving your order, if you're unsatisfied, that's the moment to contact our dedicated customer service team.
      5. The Role of Photographic Proof
        Visual evidence is paramount. By providing us with photos, you aid our customer service in quickly assessing the situation. It offers a transparent means of confirming product condition, thereby streamlining the return process.
      6. Refund Processing Time
        The refund process initiates once we receive the returned item in its original condition and packaging. Deductions, if applicable (like repackaging and shipping fees), are made, and the remaining amount is returned to you. We prioritize a prompt refund process, ensuring your money is produced in the shortest time possible.
      7. Exchanges: Holding Equal Importance
        Similar to returns, if you wish to exchange an item, it's crucial to retain its original packaging. Exchanges undergo the same meticulous assessment process, ensuring the exchanged item reaches you in perfect condition.
      8. The Importance of Communication
        Our customer service team is your primary point of contact. They are trained to guide you through the return process and ensure your concerns are addressed with utmost importance. Their role is pivotal in making your return experience smooth and hassle-free.
      9. In Conclusion, Our Commitment to You
        Our return policy stems from a commitment to ensuring your satisfaction. While we hope every purchase is a perfect match, we understand the value of flexibility. We hope to reinforce your trust and confidence in Vertu Living by offering a transparent and comprehensive return policy.
      10. For More Information
        If there are any aspects of this policy, you'd like to discuss further or have specific questions, please contact our customer service team. We're here to help every step of the way.
        Remember, at Vertu Living, we're not just selling products; we're building relationships. Your satisfaction is our success.

Note: Both returns and exchanges necessitate the original Article packaging. The absence of this incurs a $50 repackaging fee per item. After we inspect the returned item and confirm its condition, we will process a refund minus repackaging (if applicable) and shipping fees.



Our commitment is to ensure that every product delivered meets our high standards of quality and reliability. However, we acknowledge that unexpected defects can occur. Therefore, our comprehensive warranty is in place to address these rare instances. This guide provides an in-depth look at our warranty, offering clarity and confidence to our customers.

      1. Introduction to Our Warranty Policy
        Our warranty has been tailored to provide optimal assurance to our customers. We believe in the integrity of our products and the work that goes into crafting them. This warranty reflects our confidence in selling items and our commitment to customer satisfaction.
      2. Time Frame: One-Year Coverage
        The warranty period begins from the delivery date and remains valid for one year. This duration has given customers ample time to detect any latent defects or performance issues arising from regular use.
      3. Reporting Damages or Faults
        If you receive a product that's damaged or malfunctioning, it's crucial to contact us immediately. Providing visual evidence, such as photographs or short videos, is incredibly beneficial. These visuals allow us to assess the degree of damage and pinpoint its cause, facilitating quicker resolutions.
      4. Covered Defects
        Our warranty predominantly covers defects in materials and workmanship. Material defects pertain to the raw components used in the product, while workmanship defects are about how these components were assembled. If a product fails under regular use due to these defects, it falls under our warranty.
      5. Solutions We Offer
        Once a defect is verified:
        • Replacement of parts: If a specific part of the item is faulty, we may send a replacement, allowing the customer to restore the product to its optimal condition.
        • Repairs: Some products may be more complex, and a simple part replacement might not suffice. In these cases, repairs might be the best course of action. We will guide the customer through the repair process or request the item be sent back for professional repair.
        • Complete Replacement: For defects that render the product completely unusable or if it's more cost-effective, we might choose to send a brand-new item as a replacement.
      6. Exclusivity to the Original Buyer
        Warranties are exclusive to the original purchaser. This ensures that the warranty isn't misused or misinterpreted by subsequent owners who might not be familiar with the product's history or initial purchase conditions.
      7. Proper Usage: A Necessary Condition
        Our warranty is designed to protect against defects that arise during the product's intended use. It's vital to understand that any damage from misuse, accidents, or using the product for commercial purposes (unless explicitly designed for such) isn't covered. This provision encourages customers to treat their purchases with care and respect.
      8. The Reselling Clause
        Our warranty does not extend to items that are resold. This is to prevent potential abuse of the warranty system and to ensure that the products are not subjected to conditions that might void the warranty before being passed on to another buyer.
      9. The Importance of Product Care
        To make the most of the warranty, customers should acquaint themselves with the care instructions of their products. This knowledge reduces the risk of accidental damage or misuse.
      10. Conclusion: The Essence of Trust
        Our warranty policy stands as a testament to our trust in our products and our respect for our customers. It aims to provide peace of mind, emphasizing that when you invest in our products, you're not just purchasing an item but also buying into a promise of quality and reliability.
        Remember, our commitment to you doesn't end when you receive your purchase. We're here for you, ensuring that what you own lives up to your expectations.

Custom Orders

We pride ourselves on crafting top-quality modern furniture to suit various styles. However, we don't offer customization or additional colors beyond our listed range. For queries about color, styling, or décor, please ask. 


Damage After Delivery

While our warranty covers material and craftsmanship faults, it doesn't cover accidental home damages. Nonetheless, we can advise on cleaning, care, and potential repairs.


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