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What's the Deal with Living Space Sofa? and How Does it Work?

Living Space Sofa

So, you've heard about this thing called the Living Space Sofa, and you're wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, buckle up, because we're about to take you on a wild ride through the world of this quirky and innovative piece of furniture. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Problems with Traditional Sofas

Traditional Sofa

Traditional sofas have their drawbacks. They tend to be bulky and inflexible, making them challenging to fit into smaller living spaces. Moving them around can feel like a Herculean task, and their fixed configurations don't always adapt to different needs or occasions.

Moreover, traditional sofas often lack the built-in storage solutions that are becoming increasingly crucial in modern living. This can leave you scrambling for space to hide away items like snacks or that guilty pleasure DVD collection from the early 2000s. But don't fret, as the Living Space Sofa is here to address these common issues and elevate your furniture experience!

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What even is a Living Space Sofa?

Living Space Sofa

Let's start with the basics. The Living Space Sofa is not your average sofa. Oh no, it's so much more! It's a multi-functional marvel that can transform your living space into a cozy haven or a party central, depending on your mood. It's like having a chameleon in your living room, but instead of changing colors, it changes shapes and configurations.

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How does it work?

Now, here comes the fun part. The Living Space Sofa is designed with modular pieces that can be rearranged to fit your ever-changing needs. Need a traditional sofa for a movie night? No problem! Just arrange the pieces in a classic L-shape and you're good to go. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Transform it into a spacious sectional for a game night with friends. The possibilities are endless!

But wait, there's more! The Living Space Sofa is not just about rearranging pieces. It's also equipped with hidden compartments and built-in storage, because let's face it, we all need a little extra space to hide our secret stash of snacks or that embarrassing DVD collection from the early 2000s.

Why should you get one?

Well, besides the fact that it's super cool and versatile, the Living Space Sofa is also a space-saving genius. If you're living in a small apartment or a cozy studio, this sofa will be your new best friend. It can adapt to your space and make the most out of every square inch.

Imagine the look on your friends' faces when they see your sofa magically transform before their eyes. It's like living in a real-life episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

And let's not forget about the comfort factor. The Living Space Sofa is not just a pretty face (or should we say, pretty cushions?). It's designed with high-quality materials and plush seating, so you can lounge in style and comfort. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite TV show or taking a well-deserved nap, this sofa has got your back (literally).

The Best Sofas Out There!

Vertu Living isn't just a brand; it's a promise of quality and style. Here's a closer look:

Wells Sofa

Wells sofa

$3,899 $ 3,495


The Wells sofa boasts a contemporary design that seamlessly marries both comfort and style. Its neutral color palette renders it a versatile choice, suitable for a myriad of living room aesthetics. The inclusion of an extra deep seat and lower profile bestows upon it a laidback and inviting ambiance. And rest assured, should you encounter any issues with the Wells Sofa, we stand behind it with an honorable 1-year warranty!

Beneath the inviting plush cushions lies a robust webbing support system. These cushions aren't merely for show; they are meticulously crafted with high-resiliency foam and then enveloped in a combination of feather and down, ensuring a plush and utterly comfortable seating experience.

With regular use, the cushions gracefully develop a more relaxed appearance, enhancing the overall laidback charm of the sofa. Furthermore, the upholstery options are diverse, ranging from a blend of cotton and recycled cotton to post-consumer polyester, each offering a unique touch and exceptional durability.

New Former 104 Sofa 

New Former 104 Sofa

$ 1,957


This sofa pays homage to timeless designs, radiating an aura of sophistication. Its plush cushions are not merely decorative; they are a guarantee of unmatched comfort. Whether you're delving into a captivating book, enjoying a movie night, or simply lounging, these cushions cocoon you in opulence and luxury. With options ranging from memory foam, feather-filled, to polyester, the sofa caters to diverse comfort preferences, ensuring it adapts to your specific needs seamlessly.

However, a sofa's excellence extends beyond its upholstery and cushions. The frame, although unassuming, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sofa's durability and longevity. The New Former 104 Sofa boasts a robust kiln-dried American hardwood frame, meticulously designed to withstand the test of time. While hardwood frames are synonymous with durability, they can be weighty. On the contrary, metal frames, although lighter, may compromise on longevity. This sofa strikes the perfect equilibrium, assuring longevity without sacrificing style or comfort.

New Former 104" Sofa Sofa harmoniously combines classic design, contemporary functionality, and unsurpassed comfort, making it an exquisite addition to your living space.

Kelso 98 Sofa

Kelso 98 Sofa


$ 1,955


Perfectly suited for smaller living spaces, the Kelso 98 Sofa doesn't compromise on comfort in the least. While its minimalist design is a visual delight, there's much more to it than meets the eye. This sofa boasts an exceptionally deep seat paired with a lower profile, resulting in a relaxed and laidback ambiance.

Crafted with a robust kiln-dried American hardwood frame that's both doweled and corner blocked for enhanced durability, the Kelso ensures lasting quality. The cushions are engineered for optimal comfort, enveloped in high resiliency foam and feather and down for a plush and inviting seating experience. With regular use, the cushions gradually adopt a more casual appearance, adding to the sofa's charm.

Kelso's upholstery fabrics are not only eco-friendly, made from recycled water bottles, but also incredibly resilient. They can be cleaned with bleach or disinfectants without any fear of color fading or degradation.

Furthermore, the sofa is equipped with glides on its feet to safeguard your floor surfaces. Wrapped in top-grain genuine leather, known for its breathability and durability, Kelso effortlessly combines a retro structure with a unique design, exuding both comfort and modern elegance, making it a must-have addition to any home.

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In conclusion...

The Living Space Sofa is not your ordinary sofa. It's a shape-shifting, space-saving, comfort-inducing wonder that will revolutionize the way you think about furniture. So, if you're ready to take your living space to the next level, it's time to hop on the Living Space Sofa train. Trust us, once you go Living Space, you'll never go back!


Can a Sleeper Sofa be Used Every Day?

Some sleeper sofas are designed for regular daily or nightly use, while others aren't. For instance, futons typically aren't ideal for daily sleeping. Sleepers with the bar-and-canvas mechanism are best suited for occasional use, around 3 times a week, especially if they feature a modern mechanism. On the other hand, high-end sleepers, like those from American Leather, are crafted to serve as a bed every single night.

What is The Maximum Weight Capacity of The Sofa?

The sofa has maximum weight load about 370 lbs / 167kg

Why is it important to have a sofa?

A sofa establishes the mood of your living area and serves as the focal point around which the rest of your home's furnishings are arranged. Your style is reflected in the sofa's design and the items around it.

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