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Best Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa: Expert Tips on Choosing the Best

Best Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa: Expert Tips on Choosing the Best

Does your living room feel a Maybe your sectional sofa, the center of comfort, lacks its perfect match – the best coffee table for a sectional sofa. Relax, this isn't a bad case of furniture matching!

Finding the right coffee table for a sectional sofa can be tricky, but don't worry! This guide will help you create a harmonious living space. We'll navigate the key considerations of size, shape, and style, ensuring your coffee table complements both form and function.

Plus, to fuel your design dreams, We'll also show you some of our most stunning sectional sofas – because after all, true comfort deserves a stylish companion. So, are you ready to complete your living room look?

Choosing the Right Shape

The shape of the coffee table you pick is very important for matching style and function. After looking at how your sectional sofa is set up, here are some of the best shapes:

Rectangular Coffee Table

best coffee table for sectional sofa

Rectangular coffee tables are the most useful for a wide range of living rooms. Also ideal for L-shaped sectionals because they have a lot of surface area without taking up too much room. They keep the geometric flow going and look great with sectionals that have a chaise at one end.

Square Coffee Table

best coffee table for sectional sofa

Large U-shaped sectionals look good with square tables because they help the room feel balanced and in proportion. This shape makes it easy to talk to each other and can work for all seating situations, making it the center of attention for everyone.

Oval Coffee Table

best coffee table for sectional sofa

When it comes to sectionals with sharp corners, an oval coffee table works perfectly. Oval coffee tables are great for families with kids because they don't have any sharp points and give people more room to move around. The rounded edges of an oval coffee table soften the harsh lines of a sectional.

Round Coffee Table

best coffee table for sectional sofa

Round coffee tables look great with U-shaped sectionals or big, round sitting arrangements. Without any sharp ends, round tables make it easy for people to talk and move around. They also make the living room feel more like a community.

Unique/Organic Shapes Coffee Table

best coffee table for sectional sofa

If you want to make your living room stand out, a coffee table with an unusual shape, like a freeform or abstract design, can do the trick. It will also show off your own style. These look great with modern sectional sofas and a wide range of room types.

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Size Considerations

Choosing the right size coffee table includes three measurements: the tabletop's size, its height, and the space around it. All of these affect how the living room works and looks:

  • Tabletop size: The table should fit both the sectional sofa and the room it's in. As a general rule, the coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa part of the couch. This keeps it from being too small next to the sofa and also keeps the room from getting too crowded.
  • Height: What's important for comfort is that the coffee table is at least one to two inches above the seat height of your sectional sofa. Because of this, you can easily get what you need without having to bend over. 
  • Clearance: There should be about 18 inches of room to walk between the sectional sofa and the coffee table. This space lets you move around easily, but it's also close enough that you can quickly grab drinks or snacks.

Material and Style

Not only should the style and material of your coffee table match the design of your sectional sofa, but it should also match your personal style and the style of your home:

  • Material Choices: Wood is warm and has a classic look, while metal can give something a more city-like vibe. Glass tables keep small rooms feeling open and clear, while cushioned coffee tables make the room feel more comfortable and soft.
  • Style Coordination: The coffee table should go with the style of your sectional and the room's general look. A simple coffee table with clean lines would look great next to a modern sectional sofa. For a traditional room, you should choose a table with lots of different wood shapes and fancy finishing.
  • Use: Think about what you'll be doing with your coffee table. If it's mostly for looks, style might be more important than usefulness. But for everyday use, look for something that will last and is easy to clean. Adding storage space with shelves or boxes is another useful thing you can do.

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Check Out Our Premium Sectional Sofa!

Still confused to select the ideal sectional sofa? Don't worry, we've got a great selection of sectional chairs that will turn your living room into a stylish and comfortable haven!

An expertly picked out sectional sofa sets the mood for any activity—whether it's movie nights, overnight guests, or just relaxing—and when paired with the right coffee table, it makes for a useful and welcoming space.

Huxley 118" Three Section Sofa

best coffee table for sectional sofa

This Huxley 118" Three Section Sofa is the perfect focal point for your living room because it blends classic elegance with sleek modern design. Huxley looks great with rectangular coffee tables because they are the same shape and size as the chair. Its structure is linear and its corners are sharp.

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 118 inches
  • Depth: 42 inches
  • Height: 35 inches
  • Material: High-resilience foam, durable fabric upholstery
  • Color options: Available in several color variations to fit any room aesthetic

New Sunday Sofa

best coffee table for sectional sofa

There are a lot of ways to use and enjoy the New Sunday Sofa. Its flexible design lets you put it together however you like, making it work in any room while giving it a soft, welcoming look. The New Sunday Sofa looks great with both square and round coffee tables because it can be moved around and put back together in different ways.

Product Specifications:

  • Modular pieces for multiple configuration options
  • Width: 112 inches
  • Depth: 40 inches
  • Height: 37 inches
  • Material: Feather down mix cushions and robust fabric options
  • Customizable configurations to suit any space

Posh Tranquil Sofa

best coffee table for sectional sofa

The Posh Tranquil Sofa will make your home look better. It adds a bit of luxury and peace to any living room. With its soft lines and plush feel, the Posh Tranquil Sofa looks great with oval or round coffee tables, which help to soften the room's shape.

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 110 inches
  • Depth: 44 inches
  • Height: 34 inches
  • Material: Velvet or leather upholstery options
  • Deep cushioning for superior comfort

PS: Additional Tips Only for You!

There's more to improving your living room than just picking out the right sectional sofa and coffee table. Here are some tips from professionals on how to make your room look better and work better:

  • Multiple Tables: If you want a setup that can change easily, you could use nesting tables or grouping smaller tables together. In addition to making it look better, this lets you rearrange the parts however you like, which makes it great for parties or when you need more room.
  • Coffee Table with Ottoman: A coffee table with ottomans provides extra seating and a lot of floor space. This is especially helpful in small rooms or when you have a lot of guests over. Since ottomans can be tucked under the table when not in use, they take up less room and keep things looking neat.
  • Visual Balance: It's important that the size and weight of your coffee table match the size and weight of your sectional sofa. Make sure that the table height is about the same as the sofa's seat height and that it doesn't look too small or too big next to the sofa.

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There it is. No more blues in the living room. This guide helped you find the perfect coffee table to go with your favorite sectional sofa. Now that you know all about size, shape, and style, you can make a comfortable and useful space. Want to take it to the next level?

We have carefully chosen a group of sectional chairs for you to find. We can't wait to help you make a living space you'll love. Come see us today and find the right match for your home!

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